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Wait, no. You'd rather be at Watsi and help some people out, or sign up for giving a dollar a day if you are looking for an easier way to help.

Here's a few more people that you might consider giving to:

I can't really speak for any of these charities - you should evaluate them yourselves before you decide to put your good money in them. These are simply the ones I choose to give to.

About me

I am Sandesh. My resume is a bit out of date, and I am too lazy to update it. I shall put it up exactly here when I am done updating it.

I currently live in Sunnyvale, and work in Mountain View. I trust spam filters enough to tell you that my email address is sandesh247@gmail.com. And you may call me at + 1 347 687 7748. I much prefer email, though.

I really have no long-running hobbies. I try different things at different times - these days, I {b,h}ike most weekends in the bay area, and try weird yoga poses when I am at home. I listen to a lot of music - again, nothing specific. It's ghazals or instrumentals early in the morning - deep, thumping instrumentals (think Hans Zimmer) during the day - and an ecelectic mix in the evening. The Shins, Mumford and Sons, some classic rock, old Bollywood songs. I've got me a pair of Vanatoos to listen to all the music.

At work, I love improving products that people use. As soon as my employers let me, I'll let you know what that is! Perhaps my resume will tell you the work I have done in the past. Once it is up, that is.

Stick around ...

... and read some quotes.

Software I use

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I also have some bookmarks on Google, but I am not sure how to share them. If you have any idea how might I share them, let me know. Actually, I might have to migrate these bookmarks to a new place, just to be able to do that. Will save that for later.